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1 week ago

Seed Company Appoints Samuel Chiang as New President and CEO

ARLINGTON, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Seed Company Chairman Rick Britton, on behalf of the board of directors,

announced today the appointment of Rev. Samuel E. Chiang as the new

president and chief executive officer of the Bible translation

organization. Chiang joins Seed Company after serving as executive

director of International Orality Network, a global network of

organizations seeking to radically influence the way oral learners are

evangelized and discipled. Chiang is well-equipped with insight into the

ministry of Seed Company, having served as a board member for the last

three years. He will replace Todd Peterson, former chairman, who has

served as interim president since the February 1, 2014 transition of Roy

Peterson to American Bible Society.

Chiang was born in Taiwan and grew up in Canada. He has a master's

degree from Dallas Theological Seminary. He previously worked at Ernst &

Young and then for Trans World Radio as Chief Operating Officer. He

served with the Church in China and has written extensively on China.

Currently, he serves as senior associate-orality for Lausanne.

Todd Peterson celebrates God's call in Chiang's life by saying, "In my

years of service on the board of Seed Company, I couldn't have

anticipated the even greater privilege unfolding for me now. My time

this past 16 months as interim president, following Roy's departure, has

been rich; and I am so excited to know God has led our board and search

committee to see His calling of Samuel to this role. Samuel is a

passionate, experienced colleague and leader and truly a man after God's

heart. Like God, Samuel's heart is for the nations, and we know God will

use Samuel to move Seed Company toward the mission of ending Bible


Chiang's response to this new assignment is, "I am humbled to be granted

this stewardship with such a great team in place. With excited

anticipation of God's agenda, I look forward to Seed Company's continual

catalytic role within the Wycliffe family, and to deep collaboration

with our partners globally, so that the Word of God in

oral/digital/written forms comes alive for all Bibleless people groups."


1 week ago

Scientists Seed Clouds to Make Rain

Critics may scoff and skeptics may laugh, but rainmakers are finally emerging from the backwaters of science.

For more than half a century scientists have experimented with wringing more water out of clouds and dumping that priceless moisture on the parched earth. Most have failed, or at least produced inconclusive results, but a mounting body of evidence now suggests that if done properly, cloud seeding can be effective.

Some areas, like Texas, have held in there despite the skeptics' sneers, and today cloud seeding is done over about a third of the Lone Star state, a region of some 45 million acres.

Texas claims to produce more rain, over a wider area, and for a longer

1 week ago

HILD Samen GmbH

You'll discover no F1 hybrids or genetically modified seed right here - just varieties that do really well and style great. WinterSown doesn't and won't knowingly buy, accept donations of, and/or distribute genetically modified or engineered seed. They've signed "The Protected Seed Pledge of The Council for Accountable Genetics" Contact: electronic mail protected. They've signed "The Secure Seed Pledge of The Council for Responsible Genetics" Contact: 207-313-4358. The Sow True Seed is specializing in open-pollinated, non-hybrid and GMO-free vegetable, herb, flower and cover crop seed as well as seasonal plant starts.

I put the seed into the filth pointy facet down, though when I used to try sprouting them in water I put them pointy side up. I've seen them sprout successfully sideways in the dirt too. We've got all the time sprouted them from seed in water with toothpicks but then gave up when the water dried up. Not a great way to get started. Ordering from an organization close to your rising zone will guarantee crops that may do effectively in your space. Looking seed catalogs is enjoyable, but you'll lengthy for the summer season months when there is nonetheless snow on the ground. The first step is to pick a high quality organic tomato seed out of your native garden heart.

Northern india is legendary fpor their Vegeterian food on the earth, resulting in part of the spiritual influence of Vaishnava Hindus within the area. Concerning the organic meals suppliers Natural food is one of the purest and wholesome kinds of meals consumed by the human beings. There are a lot of famous organic meals suppliers who provide the highest quality organic meals to the national in addition to international prospects.

There are numerous species of jujube which have found use everywhere in the world, together with the continents of Asia, Europe, and Africa. A jujube tree that is native to Spain, France, Italy, Syria, and Asia Minor is much like the Asian jujube and has been used medicinally as a meals item in Europe, Asia Minor, and Africa. In addition to, oligomeric proanthocyanidins, chemical compounds present in grape seed extract, could also be as a lot as 50 instances more potent than vitamin E and twenty instances more potent than vitamin C in antioxidant exercise.

1 week ago

New Analysis of Wikileaks Shows State Department's Promotion of Monsanto's GMOs Abroad

Back in December 2010, Wikileaks released thousands of cables between the US State Department and over 100 embassies around the world, some of which (about ten percent) shed light on the U.S. government's promotion of agricultural biotechnology abroad. The subject matter -- for those with a lot of time on their hands and a deep interest in the federal government's treatment of agricultural biotechnology -- was fascinating. But the timing of the release -- just before the Christmas holiday -- could not have been worse, and the story mostly got buried.

Flash forward to May 2013. Our friends at Food & Water Watch have revived it with a new report, Biotech Ambassadors: How the U.S. St

2 weeks ago

Hazera Seeds South Africa - Vegetable seeds

Hazera is a global leader in the seed industry. Hazera brings expertise, commitment and support, combining decades of experience with state-of-the-art technology. Hazera breeds, develops, produces and markets varieties and seeds in a wide range of vegetable crops around the world.

Worldwide Presence

Hazera's headquarters are situated in Israel and in The Netherlands, with subsidiaries in twelve countries and an extensive distribution network providing services in over 100 additional markets. This worldwide presence enables us to be close to our customers. It allows us to offer technical support and to anticipate and respond to local needs by creating varieties that fit specific climates, growing conditions and market requirements...


2 weeks ago

American farmers confront 'big data' revolution


2 weeks ago

Sprout Outbreaks Traditionally Tied To Seed Suppliers

Our subscription packages are designed to help you add value to your current Sustainable Agriculture resources. I began making do-it-yourself baits in the early seventies when actually all people else was too and it was very laborious to get details about the inner workings and interactions of bait substances and fish however I enthusiastically pursued this ardour for decades to the purpose the place many bait company bosses ask me for elements and bait critiques, articles on their products and for my bait secrets ebooks and personal recommendation.

Maybe this mysterious genetic quality of apples in preservation makes it so important as offering medical advantages backed up by that memorable proverb, "an apple a day retains the physician away." Experiments from researchers in California have proven that apple fruit is very wealthy in antioxidants, a biological compound that combats, stroke, coronary heart illness, and plenty of other well being issues.

Possibly it is as a result of I have not much success with seeds purchased from the main seed suppliers at hardware shops. Your comments about unsuccessful germination resonated with me this month, plenty of my publish is about my poor outcomes, thanks for the hyperlink to Birdland and your expertise with their seed high quality, have a terrific month.:) Poor germination rates are such an issue and turn many individuals off rising vegetation from seed. But them, much seed suppliers South Africa of the seed offered commercially in Australia is sourced from the EU the place the climate is just not like ours.

Documentation sometimes includes a written account of a minimum of three makes an attempt (phone calls, written requests) for organic cowl crop seed to help a substitution. Handled seed use should be supported by documented evidence of that use of the remedy was required below Federal or State phytosanitary regulations. The seed firms market these as "Throw n Develop", "Scorching Plot", or "No Till" seeds.

You would not sow sure kinds of seed in the midst of the winter, as they are summer time crops, and you would not plant winter crops in the heat of the summer. The temperature of the soil is important to the germination and growth of the seed into a mature plant. The religious temperature will likely be just right for that seed to germinate and grow into a mature plant. When you plant your seed on the unsuitable time, you can't count on the seed to germinate correctly, and develop, and mature, and produce a crop.

For the latter, many want to purchase seedlings from a nursery, however it's more economical to develop one's own transplants from seed if one has the room and supplies. Some longtime favorites include Burpee , Johnny's Selected Seeds , and Seed Savers Trade Many commercial styles of seeds are treated with bright colored fungicides; wear rubber gloves when working with these seeds. Typically, a seed ought to be planted at a depth 3-4 instances its diameter and covered loosely with damp soil. This is particularly desirable if combining different small seed cultivars together, resembling a custom lettuce combination.

2 weeks ago

How Do I Make My Bird Food Last Longer?


Two, three, okay five possible reasons for asking how you can make your wild bird food last longer.

You are lazy and don't like having to refill the feeder every day.

You are forgetful and fear that the birds may starve to death.

You are cheap and would rather buy new video games than keep buying more bags of bird seed.

You are a wimpy little girly man who's too puny to pick up those heavy bags of seed.

You have acrophobia and climbing the ladder to get to the feeder makes you dizzy.

I, myself, fall on the forgetful side. Not to worry. The birds will get food elsewhere, you're just making it easier for them to feed their families. It may

2 weeks ago

Seed leaders Pioneer, Monsanto see S.Africa backlash | Reuters

By Carey Gillam


CHICAGO The derailment of DuPont's intended acquisition of a top South African seed company -- a deal that would have doubled DuPont's African seed business -- is emboldening activists opposed to creeping control by both DuPont and rival Monsanto of the lucrative emerging market.

Citing unfair control in South Africa by the two dominant U.S. seed companies, South African activists successfully convinced regulators this week to deny the bid by DuPont's agricultural unit, Pioneer Hi-Bred, to buy South Africa's largest seed company, Pannar Seed Ltd.

Now, opponents say they are planning to push for a regulatory investigation of the dominant

3 weeks ago

Monsanto Focus of Antitrust Investigation

The Justice Department is investigating whether Monsanto Co. violated antitrust rules in trying to expand its dominance of the market for genetically engineered crops.

Monsanto has provided interviews and documents to the Justice Department over the past two months, company spokesman Lee Quarles said. He said the department has questioned Monsanto about its marketing tactics in the biotech seed industry, which have become a target of criticism.

Quarles said Monsanto has done nothing illegal and is cooperating with the department.

"We definitely stand behind our business," he said.

At issue is how the world's largest seed company sells and licenses its patented genes. Monsanto has licensing agreements with seed companies that let those companies insert Monsanto genes into about 96 percent of U.S. soybean crops and 80 percent of all corn crops.

Monsanto's rivals allege that the company uses the licensing agreements to squeeze competitors and control smaller seed companies - an allegation Monsanto denies.

The inquiry into St. Louis-based Monsanto is part of a previously announced Justice Department investigation of consolidation in the seed industry.

A department spokeswoman declined to confirm or deny the investigation. But the department has interviewed two of Monsanto's biggest rivals, Delaware-based DuPont and Swiss biotech firm Syngenta AG, about Monsanto's business practices. Both companies said they are cooperating with the probe.

At least two states, Iowa and Texas, are conducting their own antitrust investigations of Monsanto. Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller is investigating Monsanto's marketing practices, said Eric Tabor, Miller's chief of staff. Tabor declined to comment further.

And Texas is conducting its own inquiry, according to two people with direct knowledge of the investigation.

Quarles said Monsanto is cooperating with both states.

Syngenta and DuPont have sued Monsanto over the licensing agreements, alleging they violate U.S. antitrust law. Syngenta filed its lawsuit in 2004 and settled the case last year. DuPont filed suit last summer; the case is pending in federal court in St. Louis.

DuPont spokesman Dan Turner and Syngenta spokesman Paul Minehart declined to comment beyond saying the companies are cooperating with the Justice Department investigation.